Our Team

We're working to ensure that patients with Prinzmetal's Angina live to the fullest. We envision a world free of this disease and strive to bring about hope, research, and a long-term cure.

  • Adam McKenna
  • Casper Lundin
  • Christina Morgan
  • Mark Sauers
  • Jackie Hendriks
  • Isabela Marcus
  • Kelly Aggerbeck
  • Hanna Williams
  • Juan Rubio
  • Ryan McArthur
  • Kelly Lambert
  • Ed Kerechek
  • Lucy Lee
  • Camille de Graaf
  • Peter Balmer

Trent S.

Trent was diagnosed with Prinzmetal's Angina in 2010. His case has been difficult to treat - resistant to most therapies. He became frustrated by the lack of information available about the disease and started this organization to give others like him a community of support.

Marah W.

Marah is the spouse of a patient with Prinzmetal's Angina. She's travelled across the country in search of a cure and makes it her passion to research new developments, treatments, and information related to the disease. She also moderates the discussion forums.

Rachel Q.

Rachel has a background in public service and a passion for connecting with others, especially in the face of adversity. Her unique talent and experience has helped the Prinzmetal's Angina Foundation grow to become an established and recognized nonprofit organization.

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